** At this present time in view of Coronavirus, Dr Fraser is delighted to offer VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS either by telephone or video calling (Skype or Facetime) to patients, these can easily be arranged by contacting his secretary **

Dr Chris Henry Fraser MB ChB MD FRCP, consultant gastroenterologist with 16 years experience, works in prestigious NHS and private hospitals in Edinburgh, Scotland. He sees patients with a variety of digestive problems and uses a multidisciplinary approach (involving colleagues from other specialties as needed) to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients.

Dr Fraser's clinical interests include acid reflux and other functional gastro-intestinal conditions (e.g. heartburn, sore throat, voice loss, cough and wheeze; swallowing difficulty; burping, bloating and gassiness; nausea, vomiting and early fullness after eating; abdominal pain; diarrhoea, constipation and straining), food intolerance and allergy (e.g. coeliac disease), bowel cancer screening, prevention and surveillance; gut polyposis syndromes, iron deficiency anaemia, small bowel disorders, obscure gastrointestinal bleeding and obesity.

His endoscopic interests include diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic techniques (e.g. gastroscopy, small bowel and colon capsule endoscopy, balloon enteroscopy, advanced colonoscopy and laparoscopically assisted endoscopy) to investigate and treat patients and anti-reflux treatment (using the Stretta procedure).

Dr Fraser has recently introduced the technique known as electrogastrography (EGG) for the investigation of patients with dyspepsia and gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) and he provides the full range of state of the art GI physiology tests to ensure patients receive the highest quality care and investigation i.e. oesophageal pH-impedence and HRM, Restech, gastric emptying, ano-rectal physiology, Smart Pill and breath testing (for SIBO, colonic dysbiosis, H.pylori and lactose, fructose and sucrose intolerance).

Appointments for consultations and endoscopic procedures can be made by contacting (by telephone, email or fax) Dr Fraser's PA, Ms Hannah Brazil. Dr Fraser is happy to accept referrals from GPs, consultant colleagues and patients directly (self-referrals). Hannah can also be contacted for enquiries relating to medico-legal cases, second opinions, gastroenterology and endoscopy related research and development and new endoscopic technologies. 


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