Dr Fraser performs a number of different types of specialised endoscopic procedures. These are performed in state of the art endoscopy units in premier Edinburgh hospitals using the latest equipment and expertly trained nurses.

Stretta endoscopic antireflux procedure

The traditional way to treat patients suffering from chronic gastro-oesophageal (acid) reflux usually means taking long-term anti-acid tablets or undergoing invasive surgery. Endoscopic anti-reflux therapy is another treatment option. Dr Fraser is pleased to offer the Stretta endoscopic anti-reflux procedure to suitable patients with acid reflux. He performed the 1st Stretta procedure in the UK in 2012 and the 1st Stretta in Scotland in 2016.

 The Stretta Procedure

The Stretta endoscopic anti-reflux procedure is a minimally invasive therapy for acid (gastro-oesophageal) reflux. State of the art technology delivers radiofrequency energy to strengthen the lower oesophageal sphincter and prevent acid reflux from occurring.

Stretta has an excellent safety profile with a low risk of complications compared to other forms of anti-reflux therapy, including surgery. It is performed under a short acting general anaesthetic and takes 60 minutes. Patients go home the same day.

Advantages of Stretta:

  • minimally invasive - no incisions in the abdominal wall, no surgery
  • the procedure is done under short acting GA and takes 1 hour or less
  • minimal post-operative discomfort 
  • safe with significantly less complications than surgery
  • same-day discharge
  • rapid recovery and return to work and favorite exercises
  • alomost no dietary adjustment
  • the procedure is repeatable
  • anti-reflux surgery can still be performed in future if necessary

Please note:

  • Patients with large hiatus hernias (more than 3cm) who are not suitable for anti-reflux surgery (e.g. due to co-morbidities) may still be candidates for Stretta 
  • Not all patients with acid reflux meet the criteria for endoscopic anti-reflux therapy
  • For more information on the Stretta endoscopic anti-reflux procedure go here.





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