There are a number of common gastrointestinal conditions, disorders and diseases that may cause problems. These include:

Burping, flatulence, bloating and gassiness

A wide range of conditions may result in excessive burping (eructation), flatulence, bloating and general gassiness. These include:

  • air swallowing (aerophagia)
  • excessive intraluminal gas production
  • malabsorptive disorders
  • alterations in gut motility and bacterial flora
  • functional conditions (functional bloating and IBS)
  • diet and food intolerances e.g. high FODMAP containing foods and wheat sensitivity.

High FODMAP foods are also a cause of loose stools and frequency (due to their osmotic effect) and are now recognised as a major cause of IBS-D (diarrhoeal type IBS). A low FODMAP diet is one of the most important treatments for IBS-D. 

Watch this presentation to learn more about food intolerances, including FODMAPs and other conditions caused by wheat and gluten ingestion.



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