Examples of Dr Fraser's papers and lectures and memberships of learned societies and associations:

Patterns Of Excitability In Human Esophageal Sensorimotor Cortex To Painful And Non-Painful Visceral Stimulation
Hamdy S, Rothwell J, Fraser C, Power M, Gow D, Thompson D
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol., 2002;282:G332-G337

 Driving Plasticity In Adult Human Motor Cortex Is Associated With Improved Motor Function After Brain Injury

Fraser C, Power M, Hamdy S, Rothwell J, Hobday D, Hollander I, Tyrell P, Williams S, Hobson A, Thompson D
Neuron, 2002 May;34:831-840

Differential Changes In Human Pharyngo-Esophageal Motor Excitability Induced By Swallowing, Pharyngeal Stimulation And Anaesthesia

Fraser C, Hamdy S, Power M, Rothwell J, Hobson A, Thompson D
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol., 2003 Jul;285:G137-G144

Colon Tumours and Colonoscopy

Saunders B, Fraser C
Endoscopy. 2003 Nov;35(11):902-12

Changes In Pharyngeal Corticobulbar Excitability And Swallowing Behavior After Oral Stimulation

Power M, Fraser C, Hobson A, Rothwell J, Mistry S, Nicholson D, Thompson D, Hamdy S
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2004 Jan;286(1):G45-50

Bleeding Prevention In Polypectomy: Obligatory And Optional Steps

Fraser C, Saunders B
Endoscopy, 2004 Oct;36:1-3

Evaluating Oral Stimulation As A Treatment For Dysphagia After Stroke

Power M, Fraser C, Hobson A, Singh S, Tyrrell P, Nicholson D, Turnbull I, Thompson D, Hamdy S
Dysphagia. 2006 Jan;21(1):49-55

Video Capsule Endoscopy In Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome: A Blinded Comparison With Barium Follow-Through For Detection Of Small-Bowel Polyps

Brown G, Fraser C, Schofield G, Taylor S, Bartram C, Phillips R, Saunders B
Endoscopy. 2006 Apr;38(4):385-90

Flat Colorectal Neoplasms And The Impact Of The Revised Vienna Classification On Their Reporting: A Case-Control Study In UK And Japanese Patients

Suzuki N, Price AB, Talbot IC, Wakasa K, Arakawa T, Ishiguro S, Fraser C, Saunders B
Scand J Gastroenterol. 2006 Jul;41(7):812-9

Endoscopic mucosal resection of 161 cases of large sessile or flat colorectal polyps

Arebi N, Swain D, Suzuki N, Fraser C, Price A, Saunders B
Scan J Gastroenterol 2007 Jul;42(7):859-866

The impact of experience on polyp detection and sizing accuracy at capsule endoscopy: implications for training from an animal model study

Postgate A, Tekkis P, Fitzpatrick A, Bassett P, Fraser C
Endoscopy 2008 Jun;40:496-501

Safety, Reliability and Limitations of the Given Patency Capsule in Patients at Risk of Capsule Retention – a 3 Year Technical Review

Postgate A, Burling D, Fitzpatrick A, Gupta A, Fraser C
Digestive Diseases and Sciences 2008 Oct;53(10):273-8

Significant small bowel lesions detected by alternative diagnostic modalities after negative capsule endoscopy

Postgate A, Despott E, Burling D, Gupta A, Patch D, O’Beirne J, Fraser C
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2008 Dec;68(6):1209-14

Are bowel purgatives and prokinetics useful for small bowel capsule endoscopy? A prospective randomised controlled study

Postgate A, Patterson N, Fitzpatrick A, Bassett P, Fraser C
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2008 May;69(6):1120-8

Computer Aided Learning in Capsule Endoscopy Leads to Improvement in Lesion Recognition Ability

Postgate A, Haycock A, Fitzpatrick A, Preston S, Bassett P, Thomas-Gibson S, Fraser C
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2009 Apr 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Feasibility of Video Capsule Endoscopy in the Management of Children with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome: a Blinded Comparison with Barium Enterography for the Detection of Small Bowel Polyps 

Postgate A, Hyer W, Phillips RK, Brown G, Schofield G, Burling D, Gupta A, Marshall M, Bartram C, Taylor SA, Latchford A, Spray C, Bassett P, Fitzpatrick A, Fraser C
Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 2009 Jun 16. [Epub ahead of print]

An unusual cause of diarrhoea: diffuse intestinal nodular lymphoid hyperplasia in association with selective immunoglobulin A deficiency

Postgate A, Despott E, Talbot I, Phillips R, Aylwin A, Fraser C
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2009 Jul;70(1):168-9

PillCam COLON capsule endoscopy compared to colonoscopy in detection of colon polyps and cancers - a prospective multi-center trial

N. Schoofs; M. Munoz Navas; I. Fernandez-Urien; T. Ponchon; M. Lapalus; G. Gay; M. Delvaux; H. Neuhaus; M. Philipper;G. Costamagna; M. Riccioni; C. Spada; C. Fraser; A. Postgate; A. Fitzpatrick; F. Hagenmuller; M. Keuchel; A. Van Gossum; J. Devière
New England Journal of Medicine 2009 Jul 16;361(3):264-70

How should we train capsule endoscopy? A pilot study of performance changes during a structured capsule endoscopy training programme

Postgate A, Fitzpatrick A, Patterson N, Arebi N, Bassett P, Fraser C
Digestive Diseases and Sciences 2009 Aug;54(8):1672-9

Effective Dilatation of Small Bowel Strictures by Double Balloon Enteroscopy in Patients with Symptomatic Crohn’s Disease (with video)

Despott E, Tripoli E, Polencina A, Konieczko K, Fraser C
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2009 Nov;70(5):1030-6.

Capsule endoscopy for the small bowel in Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome – a case series

Postgate AJ, Will OC, Fraser CH, Fitzpatrick A, Phillips RK, Clark SK
Endoscopy 2009 Nov;41(11):1001-4.

Achieving Successful Ileal Intubation During Retrograde Double Balloon Enteroscopy: Description of a Novel, Alternative Technique (with video)

Despott E, Fraser C
Endoscopy 2009;41 Suppl 2:E309-10. Epub 2009 Nov 17



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