I have had my operation and feel fantastic. If it hadn't been for you this may not have been found in time and could have been a lot worse. I appreciated your kindness and for believing in me when others didn't. I knew there was something wrong with the amount of pain I was in. You saved my life I truly believe that by diagnosing my condition early.

Ms L

Spire Edinburgh patient satisfaction survey commendations:

  • Dr Chris Fraser was great
  • Dr C Fraser was very kind and reassuring as I was nervous
  • Dr Chris Fraser and the endoscopy team talked me through this procedure which I had chosen to have without sedation; it was extremely painless!
  • Dr Chris Fraser is an excellent consultant. He carries out procedures and I have felt relaxed and comfortable and totally painless
  • Dr Chris Fraser was excellent, kind, patient and explained the whole procedure throughout and after
  • Dr Fraser was very helpful
  • My ward nurse was excellent, everyone was amazing … Dr Fraser made me feel safe and everyone was so supportive/informative

The care I received throughout my treatment was 110% - couldn't fault any of it. All staff were friendly and reassuring and put me at ease. The procedure was a totally pleasant experience which I had not expected. I would highly recommend the care I received ... I am so grateful for the care and information I received and the diagnosis - thank you so much. 

 Ms RW

So along with my Esomeprazole in the mornings and the Nortriptyline at night, my symptoms are well controlled. After a year of suffering  epigastric pain, nausea, and generally feeling ill, I now have my life back! Thank you so much.

Mrs LH

After decades of chronic constipation, one consultation with Dr Fraser has literally made my life normal again.  I had tried numerous forms of laxative over many years and settled on bisacodyl as a sure way of keeping things ticking over but on reflection it was desperate measures as I lived in a cycle of going from too full to too empty.  Dr Fraser identified a prescription that I hadn’t tried before and after a 2 week trial I can honestly say it has turned my life around.  Not only has my digestive system returned to normal, which in itself I had conceded may never happen again, but I have renewed energy and I no longer have to plan my life around extreme medication and its consequences.  This has not only settled my working life, it has settled my social life and confidence as well.  As a single adult, such inflictions do impede on socialising and therefore have an effect not only on one’s physical wellbeing but also on one’s mental wellbeing.  I would like to extend very sincere thanks to Dr Fraser for the difference he has made to my life.


Mr W asked me to thank you very much for your kind care to him which was crucial in diagnosing and progressing his treatment.

Upper GI Surgeon

Thank you for your help, it is very much appreciated. Rather than being told to find strategies myself to help with my symptoms, it makes such a difference to have someone listen to what I have to say and to offer some assistance.


I very much regret that you will not be working with London Clinic any more. I have been coming for my check-ups to you all these years ... feeling very confident and calm, trusting your professional qualifications and medical capacities. Your humane approach and friendly manner have also been appreciated. 

Mrs AP

I thought I’d write a brief note to thank you and all your colleagues at the Shawfair hospital who helped me yesterday. This made what was inevitably a bit of a difficult experience for me much more pleasant. Thank you for finding time to answer my questions. I’m sure it won’t surprise you - but my appetite came back immediately and I’ve had no repercussions from your work at all.

 Mr MP

I had to have an oral gastroscopy a year prior, and found the experience very unpleasant, I gagged through most of the test, and by the time the scope got into my stomach I started to wretch as well as gag and put my arm up to have it removed. That could've only been about 3 minutes into the test. When my doctor told me I had to have another gastroscopy I was absolutely terrified, at first I said no, and then cancelled an appointment after it had been made.

After researching on the internet I came accross a forum discussing transnasal gastroscopy and the author said she had found this procedure much more tolerable. I searched on the internet and found the London clinic where Dr Chris Fraser works.

The transnasal gastroscopy performed by Dr Chris Fraser was so much better. I didn't gag once! Also I could talk all the way through it which made me feel a lot more in control and calmed me down. I would have another one tomorrow if I had to. It's nothing compared to having it through the mouth in my experience. If you are worried about gagging talk to your doctor and see if transnasal is an option, it was a God send for me. 

Ms M

I was in the hospital today for a procedure performed by Dr Chris Fraser. From the moment I entered the hospital at Reception to leaving after my procedure the staff support was incredible. The lovely friendly receptionist was bright cheery and a delight even though it was before 07.00. My nurse was supportive and friendly but also informative and very calming. I also met a theatre nurse who unfortunately I have forgotten her name. She was fun, bright and again welcoming and very reassuring. My consultant Dr Chris Fraser was first class. The food was tasty, served beautifully and nothing was too much trouble. Well done Shawfair. I hope I don't need any further medical attention but if I do I shall return here and recommend others. Thank you.

Mrs F

I am 47 years old and have had a range of health issues for many years. These include breathing difficulties since childhood, extreme fatigue since my teens (previously diagnosed as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and Cauda Equina Syndrome since the age of 30, which is caused by neurological damage further to a herniated lumbar disk which slipped backwards between my vertebrae and squashed my spinal cord, causing paralysis for which I had to undergo major spinal surgery. The herniation was misdiagnosed until a late stage because it is very unusual for something like this to happen. For years I have suffered from bladder and bowel dysfunction, cramp, low blood pressure, circulation problems and peripheral nerve issues, all of which have previously been attributed to Cauda Equina Syndrome. I have also suffered from migraines and heart irregularities, which have been attributed to medication side effects. On several occasions I have been diagnosed with viral arthritis, owing to unexplained joint pains. I also have a history of joint sprains and ganglion cysts on my joints. I have also suffered for a long time with acid reflux, which gets into my larynx and causes discomfort, hoarseness, coughing and choking. It’s been suggested in the past that my swallowing mechanism is faulty. More recently, blood tests have established that I had a serious vitamin D deficiency. My hair had begun to fall out and I was aching all over and absolutely exhausted, often to the point of dizziness. I must have seen about twenty different consultants in the past, and I have been assessed at numerous different specialist hospitals. My understanding (and my GP’s) was that I had a number of completely unconnected but overlapping conditions that all compounded each other.

I came to see Dr Chris Fraser a few weeks ago, hoping he could shed some light on my acid reflux and whether it might be causing the breathing problems I have had for decades. For a long time doctors have disputed whether or not I had asthma, as my breathing difficulties do not respond to treatment with inhalers. My GP was at something of a loss as to who she should refer me to, and I will be forever grateful that I ended up going to see Dr Fraser.

I don’t think I had ever experienced such a focussed examination before, where the consultant really listened to me and didn’t dismiss anything I said on the basis that it was not related to his own specific area of specialism. It was so refreshing to be considered holistically. Dr Fraser asked me all sorts of questions which I would not have expected a gastro-enterologist to ask (because they were not connected with my intestinal symptoms) for example detailed questions about the unusual disc herniation, whether I am double-jointed (I am indeed very double-jointed), how my skin behaves, whether I bruise easily, whether I have eye problems, and how well I respond to anaesthesia and analgesia (very poorly). It soon became clear that he had realised my symptoms might all be connected. He spent a considerable time examining me and asking me a very broad range of questions, and delving back into my medical history and that of my relatives. I could tell he was really thinking hard and working it all out.

Dr Fraser confirmed that I have a variant of acid reflux disorder called laryngeo-pharyngeal reflux. He then explained to me that he believed I have a congenital condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (known as EDS-H), which affects the development of collagen in the connective tissues, and could well be the cause literally ALL of my symptoms (which are then compounded by the Cauda Equina Syndrome). He recommended that my GP should refer me to a specialist hypermobility clinic in London.

I have now seen the other specialist and he has categorically confirmed the diagnosis of EDS-H. I have had this condition since birth. I demonstrate all of the many “red flag” indicators for diagnostic purposes, and it is somewhat galling that it has taken 47 years for me to be diagnosed. Dr Fraser is the first doctor to have looked at me holistically and thought outside the box and if I had not been referred to him I might never have got to the root of my health problems. EDS-H explains many random symptoms I had thought were unconnected, such as poor spatial awareness, insomnia and restless legs – it turns out that they are all connected after all. EDS-H also explains how I was able to herniate a disc so traumatically, for which my poor-quality connective tissue is almost certainly to blame. This also explains my poor swallowing function. It turns out I probably didn’t have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis when I was younger – just undiagnosed EDS-H.

This really is a life-changing diagnosis for me (explaining all my past medical history) and I could not be more grateful to Dr Fraser for his care and expertise. I now finally have a single explanation for all my symptoms which will make accessing treatment much easier, and will also enable greater understanding of my problems by GPs and different specialist consultants. I have also now seen a specialist asthma consultant who has confirmed that I have never had asthma and that my symptoms fit perfectly with the diagnosis of EDS-H (the asthma consultant admitted to me that he would not have come up with this diagnosis himself, but once it was pointed out it seemed obvious!). Now I will finally be able to get some therapy for this condition. I am being referred for specialist physiotherapy to assist with my breathing capacity and joint problems, and vitamin and electrolyte supplements have been recommended to assist with malabsorption of nutrients (owing to my connective tissue issues).

Dr Fraser is not only demonstrably a very talented doctor, but he is also has wonderful people skills. He comes across as a very gentle soul who really cares about his patients. He took considerable time and trouble in dealing with me, and he treated me with professionalism, kindness and respect (where other consultants in the past have sometimes been arrogant, uninterested or even dismissive). He explained everything to me in detail and followed things up thoroughly with my GP to ensure that further tests I will need are all going to be arranged.

I will be eternally grateful to him for realising what was causing all my problems and I cannot recommend him too highly.

Mrs WW

Thank you very much for taking the time to refer me to the various specialists whom I am seeing today. Furthermore I am very grateful for the procedure I had the other day ... I have appreciated your concern and thoughtfulness regarding my ailment.


I have been prescribed medication from my GP following Dr Fraser's letter and I am pleased to say it has been very successful. Would you please pass on my thanks to Dr Fraser - I have been to numerous medical appointments and his assessment has worked wonders.

Mrs DW

I am writing to thank you for having recommended the course of antibiotic treatment. You were clearly correct in concluding that I was likely to be suffering from an undiagnosed bacterial infection. The persistent diarrhoea stopped completely towards the end of the antibiotic course. I am still having bouts of abdominal pain but these seem to be improving and I am still suffering from fatigue, hopefully this will soon improve.


Most importantly, though, I want to thank you for your persistence and patience in trying to get to the bottom of it all over the past few months.  I'm extremely grateful that you didn't give up on me even when test after test didn't bring us much closer to finding out a cause; you made what's been a rather tough time more bearable.


Thank you for performing the Transnasal Endoscopy for me today to investigate my symptoms. The procedure was calmly done and Dr Fraser re-assured me every step of the way. He was very kind and patient and I tolerated the procedure very well. There was minimal discomfort which only lasted for one second as the scope was inserted into the oesophagus and I was able to talk to Dr Fraser and watch the screen for the entire time.  I would highly  recommend Dr Fraser and the TNE procedure to any future patients needing a Gastroscopy - you really are in very safe and expert hands. 

Mrs SV

I am so so grateful to you for spotting the signs of Ehlers Danlos in my elbows and skin etc. and other symptoms. I am so relieved to finally know what has been wrong all these years and that all my symptoms are actually connected, it really does explain everything! I have now started physiotherapy which I am so grateful for as I am having awful problems with my neck and back, elbows and knees. Many thanks again for all you help and care.

Mrs KD

Everything has gone through perfectly today. I have had my endoscopy done and am now on my way home. Dr Fraser's calming demeanour is second to none.

Mrs LB

Please thank Dr Fraser from me and let him know that I feel great, am eating a normal diet (a bigger treat than it might sound!) and will come and see him in the future when I need his help.


I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support you gave me last year while I was experiencing dizziness and stomach problems. After treatment I'm happy to report that life is nearly back to normal again and I've been back at work for nearly 3 months. Again, thank you.


Thank you for sending Dr Fraser's letter and test results so promptly. Could you please convey our thanks to Dr Fraser. He was wonderfully kind, effective and efficient. We are deeply grateful to him. 


 As a middle aged gentleman with signs of anaemia I was referred to my local NHS hospital for a gastric endoscopy. The paperwork indicated that the procedure could either be carried out with a local spray to my throat or through active sedation. I have a particularly strong gag reflex and the thought of a 10mm tube down my throat gave me cause for concern. I seriously considered the sedation route but the day long inconvenience/recovery time moved me further away.

Web investigation and conversations with friends only increased that concern and led me internet searches for alternatives. I came across a procedure called trans-nasal endoscopy which as the name suggests is a tube/camera down the nasal passage into the stomach and surrounding areas. The tube by the way is half the size of the normal one. That seemed the best way forward however the procedure has only limited availability in the UK and my Trust were not willing to cover the cost. I decided to self-fund and booked myself into The London clinic for the procedure. 

Yes I had concerns but the Gastroenterologist Dr. Chris Fraser allayed my fears. A local spray was applied to both nostrils, some to the back of my throat and it was time to proceed. I did feel the camera/tube passing down my throat and felt some gas being released but words of comfort from Dr. Fraser and the nursing staff meant it was all over very quickly. Total time in the clinic: about an hour: time for the procedure: 15 minutes; side effects: some wind and a slightly runny nose.

I was given a report and photos before leaving with follow up instructions for my GP. Self-funding wasn’t inexpensive but I would opt for the nasal route if I ever need an endoscopy in the future. 


Please convey my utmost thanks to Dr Fraser for all his assistance and efforts. I'm very grateful.


My thanks for your courtesy, and so many other words that go to describing a procedure performed to my complete satisfaction.

Mr DC 

I came to see you with what I thought was a reflux problem. After a long and thorough consultation, you suspected that the symptoms I was describing were possibly not down to reflux. You suggested I contact a cardiac unit... I did this and having had tests, these showed a completely abnormal result and the result was an insertion of a stent. The cardiologist said that you had done me a huge "favour", as I was a heart attack waiting to happen. So I would like to thank you so very much for your advice and excellent professional observation. I will be for ever grateful.


Thank you so much for this, Ms Boyle. It has been a genuine pleasure to meet you indirectly.  Thank you for your most efficient and professional assistance at every step of this process.


This mail is meant for Dr Fraser. This is just to say many thanks for the support and encouragement he gave me through the course of our meeting whilst seeking treatment here in the UK. I will also like to inform him that I had the surgery on .... and was discharged on ... I am now recovering from the whole procedure and already feel a lot better in all the areas of my health.


One month post Stretta procedure to correct acid reflux and pain upon eating certain foods,  I have no hesitation in recommending what has for me been  a life enhancing operation carried out under general anaesthetic at the Weymouth Hospital London by Consultant Gastroenterologist  Dr Chris Fraser. This method of radio frequency energy was able to target the problem area ( lower oesophageal spincter ) by means of a state of the art minimally invasive endoscopic technique which allowed me to return to normal eating without reflux or pain. This improved state of affairs starting almost immediately post Stretta procedure completion. For this I give thanks to the skill of Dr Fraser. 

Dr Fraser took great care to explain the merits of the Stretta procedure, and at what point I could reasonably expect my long standing symptoms of GORD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) to start to fade, and in order to measure the acid which to that point was venting back into the oesophagus causing pain, I had an initial endoscopy at St Marks Hospital Harrow during which a Bravo capsule (small capsule containing a radio) was introduced into the oesophagus to give accurate acid levels and to allow information to be gathered by Dr Fraser prior to me undergoing the Stretta procedure .                    

Both of these procedures were unremarkable to me the patient, and I was led through each in such a way I was given clear answers to all my many questions.

I am very pleased having researched all available medical treatments for GORD I reached the conclusion to go ahead with the Stretta procedure.

Please tell Dr Fraser that I am delighted!!...off all PPI's and antacids and hope this will be the future!

Mrs AV

Dr Chris Fraser and his team were attentive, thorough and efficient. The team provided an excellent medical service, for which I am very grateful!

All the best,


I found every aspect of my treatment at Dr Fraser’s clinic to be polite and professional, with all members of staff trying to put one at ease. All were informative about the TNE procedure and were very kind in easing my nervousness. 

The actual Trans Nasal Endoscopy procedure was not at all painful, I just found it temporarily uncomfortable passing through my tight nostril. The sensation of having the endoscope inside you feels a bit peculiar – a bit like needing a burp. The huge advantage is that there is no gagging involved, and you can talk during the procedure. This is very beneficial as you can ask questions of Dr Fraser as the examination proceeds, helping you understand what is being shown on the screen.

This is not a traumatic procedure – the worst aspect was the vile tasting anaesthetic spray, which is pretty minor by any standards. It is no worse than routine dentistry, and rather better than root canal dentistry. No sedation is needed, and the report on the procedure is ready very quickly, so you can get on with your day soon after the TNE.

I recommend this skilful and professional procedure carried out with modern equipment by the excellent Dr Fraser and his team.


I refer to the colonoscopy procedure carried out. I would like to express my gratitude to you for making this an experience that was much less traumatic than I had expected! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone planning on undergoing this procedure.

With best wishes


I found the TNE to be good on two levels: It was a practical and convenient option in that I was able to turn up for the procedure and have minimal time in the hospital, as well as being able to walk away almost immediately and continue my day - and continue it without any ill-effects from my procedure.

More importantly the TNE procedure was surprising without any real discomfort. I certainly did not experience anything in the way pain. Another positive aspect for me was being able to see and have it explained as it happened, as this helped with the understanding of my condition. I would compare as no better or worse than a visit to the dentist, and for a follow up that I might require I would opt for the TNE option.


Dr Chris Fraser is a very patient, calm, caring and understanding consultant. He showed empathy for my condition, understood my frustration and was very diligent in trying to find a resolution. When I needed to be referred on to another specialist he expediated my referral and still made sure he was being kept up to date with my investigations and treatment. He exceeded my expectations as a consultant and his help has been invaluable in getting help for my condition.


I had my transnasal endoscopy without sedation and found the experience to be comfortable. There was no pain or gagging. I thought Dr Fraser had a very calm and friendly manner and I was able to talk freely with him throughout the procedure. The idea of endoscopy may be a little daunting but I would have no qualms at having this transnasal procedure carried out again and I would recommend it to others. I am very impressed with this technology.


I was referred to Dr Chris Fraser for a colonoscopy by my oncologist after a CT scan indicated a possible colon cancer.

My wife had a colonoscopy elsewhere years ago and still complains bitterly about how terrible the experience was so i was initially apprehensive. Thankfully my experiences were very different to hers and I would have no fear in having the procedure done by Dr Fraser again.

My personal medical situation necessitated three separate colonoscopies so i have had plenty of opportunity to judge Dr Fraser's work. Each experience was extremely positive. I was able to watch the whole procedure on a screen and did not experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever! Despite having a number of large polyps removed without sedation! I was truly amazed!

Furthermore there was no post -procedure bleeding, pain or discomfort.

I was very impressed by Dr Fraser's expertise, skills and experience, as well as his calm, communicative and humorous manner.

I consider Dr Chris Fraser to be outstandingly skilful in every aspect of his work and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.


I have experienced several colonoscopies which have always been a major ordeal for me until I fortunately visited Dr Fraser's clinic. For me it transformed the experience from an unpleasant half hour to a relaxed, informative but focused procedure.

I was referred to Dr Fraser by my consultant who described him as 'one of the best in his field' I was certainly not disappointed. These kind of procedures are never pleasant but it is reassuring to know you are in very safe hands.

Dr Fraser's approach is swift yet careful reducing the time of the actual procedure which I found a relief! In contrast to this, every detail was explained to me before and after with the emphasis on my feelings and concerns. I have nothing but praise for his skill and professionalism.



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